People Watching

One of the most important things for me whenever I get the chance to travel is getting into the vibe of the place I’m visiting. And what best way to do this than to people-watch!  People-watching is something I find really entertaining to do. There’s no specific time of day (or night) to do it and you can actually do it anywhere. It’s harmless. It’s free! The only important thing to remember is don’t creep anyone out when you do this. 🙂

People-watching is not a hobby, for me at least! It isn’t something I always do when I have free time. And as I have mentioned, I just usually do it when I travel. I don’t plan when and where to people-watch, it just happens. Whether I’m on a street stall trying out different street foods, or when I drink in bars (or in the streets, too), in a park or even just when I’m sitting by the window of the hotel/hostel I’m staying in or more often in cafes. It mostly happens when I’m alone, though I must say, it’s really fun people-watching with friends. People-watching lets us see the beauty of people, whether as a group, as a couple or as an individual. If you’re lucky enough, you even get to see the details in a person. And so far for me, Vietnam is the best place to people-watch. Tourists either amazed or disgusted seeing things for the first time, locals on their daily routines, women in micro-mini skirts and sky-high heels riding scooters/motorbikes, persuasive (and aggressive) vendors, unusual street performers, school boys and girls either tired or brimming with joy that school is over.

What happened one Friday in January though was a first for me. I went to the airport, sat in a coffee shop and started reading. I’ve been trying to concentrate on my book for half an hour but some noise outside the coffee shop was bothersome. So I gave up.  Since I’ve been trying to use my phone mainly for calling and texting, I opted not to use it and decided to just people-watch. I don’t really people-watch here. Seriously, I don’t know why but it doesn’t interest me. But then I ordered another cup of black coffee, a cinnamon roll and started people-watching.

Fifteen minutes later, I got bored. Nothing seems to catch my attention. So I ate my cinnamon roll instead. I was about to go back to my reading when a couple around their late 20’s came in. They were in the counter for like 15 minutes and I think they’ve already asked the barista every  single type of coffee served there. I can clearly see how annoyed the tired-looking barista was already specially when they ended up ordering just two cups of American coffee. 🙂 The guy on the table beside mine smirked after hearing them order and muttered to me, “Finally, two American coffee!” I didn’t notice he was also observing them. We ended up chatting about the couple, coffee and books until he finally joined me on my table.

We continued to people-watch until a group of young guys arrived but just stood in front of the cafe, according to my companion (I’m not sure whether he mentioned his name or if I asked but I don’t really remember actually, I just know he asked mine), they were still waiting for one more friend and that the other friend prefers to go to Starbucks. They were speaking in Arabic in husky voices (so I didn’t really understand what they were talking about) and they were all wearing sweatpants and hoodies. One of the youngsters was wearing black-framed glasses and has curly black hair. The other two looked daft and arrogant. I didn’t notice them leave but my new friend whose name I didn’t get to know said they’ve decided to go to Starbucks.

My attention is now on an Asian woman sitting across our table, alone and very busy with her phone. Obviously, she’s going on vacation. She had her hair dyed and permed, her nails painted bloody red and she seems to be wearing all her jewelries. Haha! Then suddenly her phone rang. (I’m pretty sure even the people on the other side of the airport heard her phone ring! 😀 ) And her voice was like a foghorn, believe me. It’s too loud. I didn’t quite understand what she was saying because of the dialect she’s using but I’m pretty sure she’s angry. My new friend said it isn’t the first time she saw women like that in the airport so it doesn’t surprise him anymore. I kept my mouth shut. 🙂

I decided to leave a few minutes later to meet with some friends and we ended up hearing mass. I haven’t visited the church here since 2009 and I honestly didn’t feel quite comfortable, I don’t know why. So I ended up  eyeballing the people around me. The middle-aged couple in front of us kept on giggling for reasons we didn’t know. Sitting beside one of my friends was a plump lady who looks like in her late thirties was busy texting, smiling from time to time. I was surprised when she suddenly started taking selfies. An elderly man sitting at the back-most pew was dozing off. A woman leaning sideways to one of the pillars of the church seems to be staring blankly faraway. The mass ended and I didn’t understand a thing about the sermon. We waited for a while for the crowd to lessen before we went out. Just a few steps from the church’s main door was a Christmas tree where people, young and old, were trying to strike a pose. Children running around while screaming. Babies crying. People talking loudly. It didn’t feel much like I was in church premises, really. I kind of felt like I’m in a market. With my experience that day in the church, people-watching also lets us recognize how much the world has changed.

We later went to the fish market. I told my friends that I’m just gonna wait for them outside because I don’t feel like going around there. I sat in a bench munching some chips. There were two guys talking  near where I’m sitting. Both of them were tall, well-built, have beards and were wearing hoodies. One of them has a small, tribal sun tattoo on his left hand. I was about to turn my attention to something else when I heard one of them say, “I want to go back to Baguio.” My ears started to burn upon hearing this so I paid closer attention to them. Not only was I people-watching, I was also attentively eavesdropping. 🙂 I was pretty much able to hear nice and new things about Baguio and it made me really happy because Baguio is actually my hometown. So see, people-watching is a very informative activity, too. Haha!

People-watching is an entertaining thing to do really but I’d still prefer sticking my head on a book. But that Friday didn’t seem to be a good day to read thus I turned into a passive observer watching life go by. And now that I’ve tried it here, would I do it again? Maybe yes. Or maybe not again.

I’d be glad to hear your stories about people-watching, too, feel free to write them in the comment section.

Happy day, homo sapiens! 🙂


Author: Just_Me :)

Basically a breathing, moving, eating and happy-go-lucky homo sapiens. Full-time daydreamer and part-time paranoid. I love reading, I love Roger Federer, I love food.

30 thoughts on “People Watching”

  1. I love this post about people watching ….ok…

    Everyday life people watch what you do. No matter how you hide it. People still watch. Ok. Thanks for the comment on my post earlier today….

    Peace and Love

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  2. I too enjoy people watching too, especially out when the weather is nice.. in a coffee shop it’s often a bit on the chilly side, and hard to get a comfy seat.. and, i wouldn’t be able to remember all the interesting (and many less interesting ones) people i observe, unless i were to take notes.. but, then, that’d take away from just watching..

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  3. This post was very entertaining. Seriously, I enjoyed it very much. Even I people-watch sometimes but I can’t remember a lot right now. Haha, keep writing more about your people-watching! I’d love to read..

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  4. i was at this coffee shop, which name is cafe beans, it’s like a junkie hangout (i’m not a junkie), anyway, i see a grown man give a lady $20, then she slips him a 20$ of crack. His girlfriend comes driving quickly, fiercely as well. the guy begins saying that he was shaking her hand… everyone was looking odd, and too-casual lmao. nobody was snitching, she actually saw the crackman get the rock-filled-bag. While driving infront of this shady coffee shop. I distanced myself, because it’s crack stuff, dangerous. He begins denying what had happened between the lady and him, trying to charm his way to his girlfriend (she seemed nice, beautiful, etc). he figures he can no-longer influence his girlfriend like he did in the past, so he begins yelling, “ILL KILL YOU YOU FUCKING BITCH”, “YOU’RE DEAD, I’LL FUCKING RIP OUT THAT DASHBOARD”, so i stepped further away…. but eventually, she drove away, without picking him up; and he probably smoked his crack, he’s often at the coffee shop with a beer in hand (i live in canada). poor places, are the best places for people watching, they do not give a fuck. they kinda remind me like a sitcom, they study tv and act as their roles.

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      1. No, thank you… i sometimes go for months at a time, then i dont go. Its a matter of distance. Theres a lot of drugs so i prefer other locations. I have some questions about your story… why did i feel you were a bit worried about being a people watcher… i find it highly relatable and cute. This is what makes this blog great (im being honest not manipulative), your personality shines through, and its warm, caring, hesistant; awesome. And i think you’ll sell many books based on your character, its one of, greeting. If that makes sense. Im sorry your writings awesome too, you have a wide vocab, and it can be interesting stuff (this story might have been a lil dry, still pretty interesting though, youre an oddball? Hehe.) again sorry for the compliments.

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        1. Thank you for your kind words, Vincent. Many people say that I am indeed an oddball, well, I guess it’s true. And I just have to be true to myself. By the way, I’m not afraid being a people-watcher, it’s just that, I don’t want to get used to it, there are other things to do other than people-watch but as I’ve mentioned, people-watching tells us a lot about people and the world, too. Unfortunately, most of the things I saw that Friday weren’t really very good things and it’s a bit disturbing. The world has changed a lot and sadly, not always for the better.

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          1. Hehe! Odd balls are awesome though! Dont be sad about it, enjoy it… the other percentage of society are conformist, theyre odd at heart. Hmm thats different! So? Oh thats a spin on things, youre layered… lol! Dont be creepy about it, analyze the hell out of people, if you dont want to watch just listen, sociologies branch of knowledge to study, youll know when youre being creepy. Honestly i dont think analyzing people is a bad thing, theyre our gateways to different prople, lifestyles, futures.

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              1. You seemed hesistant to except it, that showed, that you werent interested in being an odd, or #2 is, that you didnt feel you were…. but my question towards that is, you study people, how could you not know? 🙂 i pride myself on being on, because i saw the other way.

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                1. I’m not hesitant about it, as I’ve mentioned, a lot of people think I am. It just makes me think sometimes why do they find me that way when I think I’m being me, the real me. Surprising to know that the real me seems odd/strange to other people. Hahaha!

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              2. Thats the look of the words:) thats weird eh! A masks must have different forms. There’s 1# blending in, being a conformist.
                2# word play, how i see it sometimes this can stem off truth….

                Honestly… i think youre just sweet, in a world of bad bitches… because noticing your traits, theyre not really that odd, theyre more positive…

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