Top 5 Tuesday – Books I Wish Had Movie Adaptations

Happy Tuesday, Homo sapiens! Welcome to this month’s first Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Tuesday was originally hosted by Shanah at Bionic Bookworm and now found its home with Meeghan at Meeghan Reads.

Books I Wish Had Movie Adaptations

My friends and those who have been following my blog for some time now are well aware that I love reading and that I’m not a big fan of watching flicks and how I almost always deride movie adaptations. However, there are a few good books I somehow wish had movie adaptations. (Or maybe they do have but I just didn’t know?) Anyway, here they are…


The plot of Kafka on the Shore is weird and well, it gets even weirder. I don’t think there’s any point making a movie out of it but I’m curious how anyone would do it.


I’ve read somewhere that an Australian film producer will make a movie adaptation of The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell. I loved this book so I hope they can turn it into a great movie.


I don’t think there would be any movie adaptations for The Shadow of the Wind and all of Zafon’s books as he already refused all proposals. I’m still somehow curious how they’d create the magic Zafon’s books give us and The Shadow of the Wind would prove to be a challenging one.


I’m not very sure but I think I’ve read somewhere that the adaptation for The Night Circus is still at the early stages and is making slow progress but I am looking forward to the movie.


Jodi Picoult have several adaptations on her sleeves already though I haven’t watched any… yet… but I’m sure interested to watch The Storyteller if they’d turn it into a movie.

There goes my list! How about you? What books do you wish had movie adaptations? Feel free to share!

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