Top 5 Tuesday – Freebie! Non-Fiction Reads

Happy Tuesday, Homo sapiens! Welcome to this week’s Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Tuesday was originally hosted by Shanah at Bionic Bookworm and now found its home with Meeghan at Meeghan Reads.

This week’s a freebie, a chance to come up with our own topic, so I decided to do top five of my non-fiction reads so far this year.

Non-Fiction Reads


Growing Up Bin Laden – This is a very interesting view of Osama bin Laden having a very good life until giving it all up for his undying love for jihad. Told by his first wife, Najwa, and one of his many sons, Omar, this is a fascinating read.


The Ride of a Lifetime – Fascinating, candid and inspiring memoir.


Fear – Much of what we read in this book were already seen or heard in the news and the public is already very aware of Mr. Trump’s bullying, lies, etc. So unsurprisingly, it’s not a charming read.


Walking with Ghosts – Well, who would’ve thought that apart from being a great actor, Gabriel Byrne is also a great writer? Beautifully written.


The Copenhagen Trilogy – The first part (Childhood) of the book came strong and I was totally hooked but the second (Youth) and third (Dependency) parts didn’t come as strong and the writing became dry and impersonal. I’ll consider a  second reading  after a few years.

Have you read any of these books? What non-fiction books have you read so far this year?


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