I Would Have…

It’s funny how you’re

dead to me now. You’re someone

I would’ve died for then…

The Silence Between Us

I sometimes wonder
what is it you hear in the
silence between us?


A necessary

luxury for sanity:

cup of brewed coffee.

No Apologies

No apologies

on how I choose to mend what

you’ve broken in me.

A Sunday Haiku

You broke my trust from

the start. Now you ask why I

don't give you my heart.

A Tuesday Haiku

Amidst the desert

I feel like a wanderer

yearning for water.

Realization Came

I woke up one day

and realized, I am not

sorry anymore.

What Could Be?

What could be worse than

intentionally hurting

the people you love?


Unsure what hurts more…

Losing you or knowing you

didn’t fight to keep me?


Why do you chase it

when all it does is keep you

from being happy?