Friday Haiku

Day after day I

waited. All I had was a

cold dreadful silence.


Monday Haiku

Sheer joy walking with

your arms around me beneath

the glittering stars.

I Might

I am not afraid

because it’s too high. But I

might jump and that’s why.

Tuesday Haiku

Whatever we are

now, I’ll always remember

the way we once were.

Day Off

Coffee. Read. Coffee.

Daydream. Coffee. Write. Daydream.

Typical day off.

Wednesday Haiku

How can they do that?

Throwing away what I can

only dream about?

Monday Haiku

In a cruel world

I stand strong and gentle, though

full of wounds I am.


Like a book full of

wonders and mysteries, come…

Open me, read me…


A slice of pizza

Red sauce, meat, cheese, cracking crust.

First bite is the best.

My Gay Friend

Hard to tell who’s who

but my friend no need to hide

the gay heart in you.