Top 5 Tuesday – Adaptations I Liked Better Than the Book

Happy Tuesday, Homo sapiens! Welcome to this week’s Top 5 Tuesday!

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Adaptations I Liked Better Than the Books

Now this isn’t an easy topic today… hmmm… adaptations are mostly a no-no for me but let’s try it, shall we?

Well… Fight Club. Because of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Haha! And it was more dramatic.



Now don’t get me wrong here… I loved the books so much, I really do. But the movies justified the books farther than I expected to be quite honest, with all the special effects, soundtracks, cast and all. I enjoyed and loved the movies a lot. So the books will remain to be my favorites and the movie adaptations, too, but a little bit more!

I loved the book but I love Jack Nicholson more! And the movie is really good!

Well, what can I say? Brad Pitt just made Tristan hotter than I could imagine!

I loved the lead characters more in the movie than in the book. And it is always a delight to watch Saoirse Ronan.

How about you? What adaptations do you like better than the books?

Top 5 Tuesday – Books I Wish Had Movie Adaptations

Happy Tuesday, Homo sapiens! Welcome to this month’s first Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Tuesday was originally hosted by Shanah at Bionic Bookworm and now found its home with Meeghan at Meeghan Reads.

Books I Wish Had Movie Adaptations

My friends and those who have been following my blog for some time now are well aware that I love reading and that I’m not a big fan of watching flicks and how I almost always deride movie adaptations. However, there are a few good books I somehow wish had movie adaptations. (Or maybe they do have but I just didn’t know?) Anyway, here they are…


The plot of Kafka on the Shore is weird and well, it gets even weirder. I don’t think there’s any point making a movie out of it but I’m curious how anyone would do it.


I’ve read somewhere that an Australian film producer will make a movie adaptation of The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell. I loved this book so I hope they can turn it into a great movie.


I don’t think there would be any movie adaptations for The Shadow of the Wind and all of Zafon’s books as he already refused all proposals. I’m still somehow curious how they’d create the magic Zafon’s books give us and The Shadow of the Wind would prove to be a challenging one.


I’m not very sure but I think I’ve read somewhere that the adaptation for The Night Circus is still at the early stages and is making slow progress but I am looking forward to the movie.


Jodi Picoult have several adaptations on her sleeves already though I haven’t watched any… yet… but I’m sure interested to watch The Storyteller if they’d turn it into a movie.

There goes my list! How about you? What books do you wish had movie adaptations? Feel free to share!

9 Reasons Why I Read the Book First Before Watching the Movie

Reading has always been my favorite pastime. I’m happily content in the company of books. However, it’s June and I’ve only read eight — yes, eight! — books, the least for me in a span of six months.

For the past couple of years or so, I’ve noticed that a lot of books were adapted to movies — Hidden Figures, The Girl on the Train, Inferno, Me Before You, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas — just to name a few.  My friends and those who have been following my blog for some time now are aware how much I enjoy reading and that I’m not a big fan of watching flicks and how I almost always deride movie adaptations.

Then comes the great debate: read before watching OR watch before reading? Both, of course, are tactile experiences, it just depends greatly I guess on every individual’s personality but here’s why I choose the former:


1. I get the whole plot.

I like reading the book first because I get to understand the whole plot. There were times when I first watched the movie and didn’t understand a thing about it. It didn’t make any sense to me when I watched it. I’m not sure if it’s because the movie was so bad or I just really didn’t understand. But when I read the book first, I get to know the backstory and all, the characters, etc. Reading the book first gives me a greater understanding of the movie.

2. I get to imagine and create the characters the way I want.

In books, I can imagine the characters the way I want to and one thing I like most when reading is the way I can relate with the characters, being able to somewhat read their minds or understand their action and create and have my own image of them before I see their movie versions. There are a lot of irrelevant things written in books but somehow, these things are actually the important things that give more life or make the characters more interesting for me. It’s these things that make us connect with them. And there’s nothing better than these connections that we get to create as we follow the character’s development and story. Whatever are relevant in the story are the only things we see in movies. There’s not enough backstories provided about the characters and very little information to grasp.

3. It develops my thinking/imagination.

When I read something totally new to me or a first from an author, it’s cool being left to my own imagination. Unlike when I watch the film first, I can’t help but remember the actors and actresses playing the parts and I don’t really like it. I like having my own version of the characters and the settings and then be either amazed or disappointed later when I watch the movie.

4. Movie adaptations are too modified.

Many movie adaptations are too modified. This probably ain’t a bad thing for many because it wouldn’t really matter anymore whichever you do first, read or watch. No spoiler threat since there are differences already between the book and the movie. But for a booklover like me, I don’t like it when movie adaptations are too altered specially the endings.

5. Be the insider.

I find it fun when I watch movies with my friends and they’re all contemplative and musing over what’s gonna happen next and there I am, the only one in the group who’ve read the book beforehand and I’m the one conveying information and they’re all like, “Oh!” or “Aha!” Or “I see!” while I explain. 😉

6. The real ending.

Most of the time, the endings are modified in movies (as I’ve mentioned in #4), well, I guess to fit a certain time frame or perhaps to leave the audience anticipating a sequel so being able to read the book first actually gives me a different conclusion as to why the movie ended or has to end that way.

7. Comprehensive Details

A well-written book provides comprehensive details of the plot, characters, settings, etc. It gives the reader the feeling like you are there in the book. It makes you feel like you’re experiencing what you’re reading. The way everything is described in detail is way more enjoyable. You wouldn’t miss a thing.

8. There’s more suspense.

Reading can be so intense that it gives me more suspense. Just when you thought you’re gonna find out the answer already, you’re wrong. It will still take you to another chapter or so before everything’s revealed. This intrigues me more thus makes me want to read more which results to sleepless nights. 🙂 Unlike in movies that it would end rather quickly or the story just happened so fast (or too slow). Removing a lot of significant parts from the book to meet a specific time frame just lessens the suspense.

9. The book stays with you.

I love books — the cover, the pages, the smell of it. Apart from the story, the book itself offers a special connection with me, unlike movies. When I was younger, I remember our family renting and watching VHS tapes. I’ve enjoyed a few good, unforgettable movies then but there was no physical thing that leaves me connected with it. Unlike books, they can stay on my shelves for as long as they can. And I can get back to them anytime I want to.


How about you? Do you prefer reading the book first before watching the movie? Or is it the other way around? Please share your thoughts.

Enjoy the day, homo sapiens! 😊

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