In shadows deep, where trust once thrived,
A haunting tale of betrayal survived.
A friendship’s bond, once strong and true,
Now shattered, lost in shades of blue.

A whispered promise, once held dear,
Now twisted by deceit, crystal clear.
Like petals plucked from a fragile rose,
Betrayal’s thorns, the heart exposes.

False smiles masked hidden lies,
Tears stain the cheeks, where hope resides.
A bond unraveled, trust undone,
In betrayal’s wake, love comes undone.

Oh, bitter sting of a trusted friend,
Whose treacherous path we failed to comprehend.
Yet in the depths of this grievous fall,
Resilience rises, mending heart’s call.

For wounds may heal, scars may fade,
But lessons learned, forever made.
In the crucible of betrayal’s strife,
We find the strength to rebuild life.

So let us forge ahead, our spirits unbound,
With caution and wisdom, our hearts surround.
For though betrayal may cast its relentless spell,
We’ll rise above, in grace, we’ll dwell.


A Six-Word Story

Love yourself for everything you are.

A Six-Word Story

He knows she won’t forgive him.

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