A Corner of My Own


I’m afraid of them.

I see them.

I kill them.

One night,

I turned the lights on.

A big black spider

Scampered in the ceiling.

I walked in slowly

And afraid

As the spider ambled

To the corner.

There it stayed

Away from harm.

And for the first time,

I didn’t want to kill it.

I wanted to be like it.

I wanted to find

I wanted to be

In a corner of my own.


Question and Answer

She asked, he answered.

Certainly the right question.

Just the wrong answer.


That time of the year

Clear skies and cool steady breeze

Multicolored kites.

A Six-Word Story

I feel too empty to talk.

A Six-Word Story

I’ll be okay. I don’t quit.

A Six-Word Story

Doing my best to quit you.

A Six-Word Story

First, love. Then everything becomes lovable.