A Six-Word Story

The problem…

I kissed him back.

A Six-Word Story

I saved you. You killed me.

A Six-Word Story

It’s my fault, I trusted you.

What Could Be?

What could be worse than

intentionally hurting

the people you love?

A Six-Word Story

I broke my heart loving you.

A Six-Word Story

Hoping you also miss me sometimes…

A Six-Word Story

This pain will make sense someday.

I Stayed

I was faced with two choices:

the choice to leave

and never see you again,

or to stay and feel the pain

of you not loving me.

Maybe it’s wrong,

maybe it’s stupid,

I don’t know…

but I stayed.


Unsure what hurts more…

Losing you or knowing you

didn’t fight to keep me?


Why do you chase it

when all it does is keep you

from being happy?