A Six-Word Story

I’m left with memories all alone.

A Six-Word Story

You and I, an unfinished business.

A Six-Word Story

Thought I’m okay. I thought wrong.

A Six-Word Story

Words left unsaid always stay forever.

A Six-Word Story

There’s something about coffee, something personal.


How’d you break a heart

that’s long been broken? Poor heart.

It might just turn numb.

A Six-Word Story

I’ve forgiven myself. Forgive yourself, too.

Someone Else

He left against her will but told her to wait for him.

She waited and endlessly hoped for him to return.

A couple of years later he asked her to follow him instead.

She hesitated for it’s not easy to give up the life she created for herself.

But she followed him just the same willing to start a new life again.

Soon they were together.

But her happiness and excitement was short-lived.

For in front of her eyes was someone else.

Someone else is the source of his happiness.

A Six-Word Story

Letting all go; wondering who’ll stay.

A Six-Word Story

Empty hearts actually weigh the heaviest.

A Six-Word Story

Sorry won’t fix my broken heart.

A Six-Word Story

Some wounds take forever to heal.