I Was Busy


I just want to pull away from people once in a while…

A Six-Word Story

Happy ending? When we finally ended.

A Six-Word Story

I should’ve left it at hello.

I Would Have…

It’s funny how you’re

dead to me now. You’re someone

I would’ve died for then…

The Silence Between Us

I sometimes wonder
what is it you hear in the
silence between us?

A Sunday Haiku

You broke my trust from

the start. Now you ask why I

don't give you my heart.

I Stayed

I was faced with two choices:

the choice to leave

and never see you again,

or to stay and feel the pain

of you not loving me.

Maybe it’s wrong,

maybe it’s stupid,

I don’t know…

but I stayed.

Realization Came

I woke up one day

and realized, I am not

sorry anymore.