Top 5 Tuesday – Sanity Savers – Things I’m Enjoying While in Isolation

Hello there, homo sapiens! It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday.

This tag is hosted by Shannah over at Bionic Book Worm

It’s April and Shannah has prepared some positive and motivating topics for us this month, perfect for the current situation the world is in at the moment. Thanks, Shannah. Now let’s get started. 🙂

Top 5 Sanity Savers – Things I’m Enjoying While in Isolation

The thing is, it’s work and business as usual for me even after the lockdown and partial curfew were announced. There were no changes in my work schedule. 

However, if I were to be in that situation, here are my sanity saver ideas:

1. Read

This would be a good chance to catch up on my reading. I would really love to spend my time reading for long hours and finish more books than usual.

2. Cook

I would love to try cooking some new dishes and food I miss eating in my favorite restaurants. 

3. Binge-watch

I don’t really watch that much series or movies but it would be an option as I’ve heard many great stuff to watch these days.

4. Learn the guitar

I’ve tried learning how to play the guitar early last year but I wasn’t able to continue with it because of work and life. So a time in isolation is a great chance to get back to it as I’ve already forgotten the few things I’ve learned last year.

5. Think and reflect

It’s the best time to think and reflect about my life. In a way, I’d have more time to think about things and wouldn’t have to rush on making decisions and at the same time reflect on my actions and think about what changes are necessary or what steps I should take next.

Are you in isolation at the moment? What activities do you do? I’d be delighted to read your sanity savers so feel free to drop a link of your posts or share them in the comments section.

Keep safe, homo sapiens!


Author: Just_Me :)

Basically a breathing, moving, eating and happy-go-lucky homo sapiens. Full-time daydreamer and part-time paranoid. I love reading, I love Roger Federer, I love food.

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