My Food Quirks

I wasn’t a picky eater, ever! I’d eat anything given, offered or served in front of me. My palate’s never shy. πŸ˜‰ But still, we all have our little quirks when it comes to the food (or drinks) we eat or maybe never thought of eating. It may be funny for some and weird for others. Anyhow, I thought of making a list of my personal food quirks today.

1. I remove the crust off my toast, I don’t eat them.

2. I don’t chew gum.

3. I don’t eat strawberry-flavored foods/drinks.

4. I enjoy eating sweet potatoes with marshmallows.

5. I love peanut butter and jelly. I’ve met a lot of people who find this a weird combination and I don’t know why.

6. I enjoy my spaghetti a lot more if mixed with mayonnaise.

7. I used to soak coffee beans on my coke for more than half an hour or so before drinking it.

8. I prefer eating ice cream once it’s melted already so sometimes, I first put it in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds.

9. I don’t like my food mixing up on my plate so I use section plates at home. When dining outside, I try not have them mixing with each other. I know they’ll all get mixed up in the stomach just the same… Well, it’s okay that they touch each other but I don’t want seeing them all mixed up.

10. I don’t eat yoghurt. (And cheese, if I can avoid it).

11.Β I prefer my coffee warm. I don’t like iced coffee that much. So I usually make (or order) a cup of hot coffee and let it cool down before enjoying it.

12. I won’t eat sharing food without a serving spoon.

13.Β I always bring with me a lunch box cutlery set (spoon, fork, chopsticks) or a sujeo (spoon & chopsticks) as I use them instead of those in restaurants whenever in doubt.

14.Β I enjoy eating breakfast foods for dinner.

15.Β I haven’t eaten pizza for more than a year I think but when I sometimes do, I only eat Margherita and Hawaiian. Yes, I love pineapples on my pizza! And the fewer toppings, the better.

16. I prefer eating bananas with peanut butter.

17. I used to only eat egg whites, then I used to eat only egg yolks. Now, I devour the whole egg!

18. I’m no longer used to eating noodles with a fork, I always prefer eating them now with chopsticks.

19. I eat M&Ms color by color. I don’t like the orange and yellow-colored ones though so I give them away. I eat the brown ones last when I’m alone but eat them first when I’m with my brother because he eats them all!

20. I like eating dessert with my meal whenever possible.

21.Β When I eat Arabic bread — they call it kuboos, I’m not sure if it’s spelled that way! — I don’t eat the bottom part and I don’t eat it if it’s not made on the same day.

22. I eat apples but I don’t like apple juice; I eat oranges but I don’t like orange juice.

23. I like dipping bread with butter on my hot chocolate or coffee.

24. I only drink laban during the month of Ramadan.

25. I always use matching spoon and fork or paired/matching spoon and chopsticks. I don’t like eating using unmatched cutlery.

26. I still eat baby foods (Gerber & stuff) like once or twice a month. I love the banana flavor.

So there goes my food quirks and I still don’t think I’m weird, do you? Anyway, what’s yours?


Author: Just_Me :)

Basically a breathing, moving, eating and happy-go-lucky homo sapiens. Full-time daydreamer and part-time paranoid. I love reading, I love Roger Federer, I love food.

34 thoughts on “My Food Quirks”

  1. This was sooo fun to read!! I love bananas with peanutbutter and I microwave my icecream, and I love pineapple on my pizza. I think the one and only difference is that I love to mix my food all up. Infact i had a baked potato with cheese and sour cream and then dumped all the veggies on top.
    But I LOVE the idea of bringing your own utensils. I always wonder what hands touched my fork before I got to it. I”m going to have to implement that one for sure!
    I also like cold green beans out of a can and will just eat them with a fork.
    I love to smear butter and creamcheese with a spoon instead of a knife and most of my knives I have used to cut open delivery boxes anyway.
    I love to dip everyting in ranch dressing. French fries are the best in ranch.oh and um i just ate baby food as my middle of the night snack. Has to have bananas in it or i won’t eat it πŸ™‚

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    1. Wow! Nice to know someone with almost the same food quirks as mine! And yeah, ranch dressing is so good, I love it in chicken, pizza and fries! I’m so delighted knowing this about you, thanks for sharing! And reading! πŸ™‚

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  2. Very interesting and entertaining post. I also don’t like my food touching and have to have my ice cream melted a bit before eating it or just soft serve. Also can’t stand to eat bananas but love banana flavors. Love banana pudding I just leave the wafers in and take the cookies out. Great topic thanks for sharing!

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  3. I always prefer cold tea , coffee , etc # mix up sugar & salt in some dishes ( in payasam , it will increase its taste 10 times )#always eat biscuit after dipping it in a cup of tea #would like to eat ice cream after it melts 😜😜😜

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