A Six-Word Story

He was broken. So was I.


A Corner of My Own


I’m afraid of them.

I see them.

I kill them.

One night,

I turned the lights on.

A big black spider

Scampered in the ceiling.

I walked in slowly

And afraid

As the spider ambled

To the corner.

There it stayed

Away from harm.

And for the first time,

I didn’t want to kill it.

I wanted to be like it.

I wanted to find

I wanted to be

In a corner of my own.

Quote of the Week

Choose a path. Stay with your path. Be ready to face obstacles. Even if you take a wrong turn, at least it will be your turn, your life, your mistake.

~Naomi Levy

Question and Answer

She asked, he answered.

Certainly the right question.

Just the wrong answer.

A Six-Word Story

He’s forgotten me entirely, it hurts.

Quote of the Week

Being a good person does not protect you from bad people.

~Ed Latimore

A Six-Word Story

I’m crazy, alright. I’ll own that.