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Top 5 Bookish Habits

Hello there, homo sapiens! It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday. This is actually my first time doing this so let’s see how I’d manage. 🙂

This tag is hosted by Shannah over at Bionic Book Worm and today’s topic is:

 Bookish Habits

Read on as I share some of my bookish quirks.

1. Reading more than one book at a time.



I usually read at least two to three books at a time, one book shorter than the other and of different genre. At home, I usually read physical books. Since the time someone gave me my Kindle, it’s always in my bag wherever I go. I used to bring one physical book with me all the time when I didn’t have it yet. Though there are still times when I bring a physical book along with my Kindle.


2. One book, one bookmark.


I don’t know when this started but it has been years that I never use the same bookmark twice. There is one bookmark assigned for each book I have. So when you take a book from my shelf, there will always be a bookmark somewhere between the pages.


3. Super delayed book reviews.


I’m a mood reader and that applies to my reviews, too. I’m almost always late/delayed with my book reviews because my mood influences me a lot when to write it. Not that I write brilliant book reviews but well, yeah, it just takes me a long while to write my thoughts about a book.

4. Reading before going to sleep.




I always read before I sleep. It could be a few pages from the current book I’m reading, or some news and updates, some magazines or any article that looks interesting while browsing the internet. I think it helps my brain and body relax before I sleep.


5. Taking every opportunity to visit a bookstore/book fair.


Like libraries, bookstores/bookshops and book fairs, are my happy place. I will always have to go inside a bookstore whenever I pass by one. I can’t just pass by it. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by books and browsing all the titles displayed. Not to mention smelling them. Oh, I love the smell of books. And mostly every time, I never go without a book purchased to add on my never-ending TBR shelf.

So there goes my first Top 5 Tuesday. Do we share the same bookish habits? What are yours? I’d be delighted to know them so feel free to share them in the comments section or leave a link to your post so I can read them.

Happy Tuesday, homo sapiens!

Credit to the owners of the photos I just Googled. :)

Quote of the Week

Respect other people’s feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.

~Roy T. Bennett

Short Story – The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu

This is the first short story I’ve read from Ken Liu and I loved it.

It’s a story about Jack, born to an American father and a Chinese mother. His mom made lots of origami animals for him when he was a kid. However, as he grows up, he found it hard to fit in where they live. An incident with a friend later caused him to distance himself from his mother until it became uncomfortable and they eventually stopped talking to each other. Soon his mom died but there was one surprise left for Jack…

Laohu – Jack’s favorite among the many origami animals his mom made for him.

In just a few pages, this story will really touch your heart. The ending was so sad and you will feel the regret the child must have felt. It kind of left my heart heavy but lots of things to reflect on.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler

dinner-at-the-homesick-restaurant1The book opens with Pearl Tull about to die. Her youngest son, Ezra, with her. Jenny her daughter visits while Cody, her eldest is nowhere near. It’s the story of these four individuals in alternating chapters.

This is my first Anne Tyler read and I loved her writing and the way she develops her characters. The author was also able to depict what really happens in a family, petty jealousies and stuff. Realistic really.

It is a very touching story of survival of a family with damaged individuals.

Quotable Quotes:
“When you have children, you’re obligated to live.”
“…he thought of dying as a kind of adventure, something new that he hadn’t yet experienced. Like an unusual vacation trip.”
“There ought to be a while separate language, she thought, for words that are truer than other words – for perfect, absolute truth. It was the purest fact of her life: she did not understand him, and she never would.”

Rating: 4/5 stars