What Could Be?

What could be worse than

intentionally hurting

the people you love?


Unsure what hurts more…

Losing you or knowing you

didn’t fight to keep me?


Why do you chase it

when all it does is keep you

from being happy?

Not Anymore

You do not matter

enough to me anymore

to still upset me.

No Apologies

No apologies

on how I choose to mend what

you’ve broken in me.

I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder

how much of what weighs me down

ain’t mine to carry.

But just couldn’t be that selfish as much as I want to… 😦


Smiles in the sunrise

telling a pretty story.

Makes me want to dance.

Just a Dream

It makes me happy

when he kisses my forehead.

It’s just a dream now.


Who am I to you?

Did I even matter a

bit? Or not at all?


When all you have left

are memories, let all of

them be beautiful.