Verbal Abuse at Work

Anger… it’s an emotion that’s hard to control. An emotion I try to avoid. Most specially at work but then, it’s inevitable. Very early today, someone just brought me to my boiling point. A verbal assault. A first. Is anyone ever prepared for a verbal assault? I wasn’t.

I don’t like being yelled at for whatever reason. Even if it’s my mistake. (But the problem was, it wasn’t my mistake. At all.) Even if you’re my superior. Even if you’re earning much more than I do. I don’t give a damn really but I don’t like being screamed at, seriously! But I was attacked by loud, aggressive anger plus toxic language and sarcastic comments for around fifteen minutes that seemed like forever. I only listened to him the whole time but I was really furious inside already but when he asked if I understood, I only smiled (surprisingly!😲) and just asked if he’s done and that he can talk to me again when he’s sane. I left the office and went home.

I wasn’t really expecting something like this to happen. I thought I’ve met the most evil boss ever but I guess I thought wrong. This guy is the evil boss times two! 👿 I wonder is this his way of showing me that he’s in control? Or was he trying to intimidate me? Probably he was just in a bad mood? Is that how he expresses himself? No matter what his reasons were for behaving that way today, I can’t let myself be a bully bait.

I don’t want to write here what exactly happened this morning and the things he told me. I don’t want to take it personally but it impacted me. I didn’t give it much attention when I heard news about him before. He just started with us last week. I still intend to stay in the same company until next year but I don’t intend to deal with another day of tirades. I don’t think I can stand a person who only knows how to express himself by yelling. It angers me when someone yells at me and I’m afraid I can’t always hide or control my anger. I’m not so sure what to do if this happens again. I hope it doesn’t.

How do you deal with a boss/coworker who verbally attacks you? Write them down in the comment section. Let me learn from you…

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