Wordless Wednesday

Threesome :)

This halo-halo is flirting with me! 😉

I Was Busy


I just want to pull away from people once in a while…

The Monastery


The Monastery – or Al Deir – is the largest structure in Petra. It requires a strenuous trek of more or less 800 steps with seemingly endless uphill slopes and lots of wonderful spots to admire the views. It took me an hour or so to reach the Monastery including tea breaks with some of the vendors selling souvenirs and several Bedouins. The hike was truly worth it and I was thrilled to bits the moment I saw it!

More about the Monastery and Petra on my next posts…

Happy Thursday, homo sapiens!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, homo sapiens! I hope everyone’s celebrating this season keeping in mind its true meaning!



Perfect spot to rest after a long day exploring Petra.

Photo of the Day

So true! 

Saw this in front of Prime & Toast in Al Bida’a. Small but nice place. 

Afternoon Walk


Galbi Tang (갈비탕) – Korean Beef Short Ribs Soup


This dish looks so simple but is very tasty.

Date Palm



Adobe Reader X.lnk
17:30. October 22.

More banana, please!


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